Alice InouyeFor PRSA Hawaii’s May program, Happiness U founder Alice Inoue led more than a dozen PRSA members and guests in a virtual workshop on fostering adaptability and resilience in the face of change—two strengths that have proven their worth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A nationally award-winning author and long-running MidWeek columnist, Inouye has devoting much of her career to inspiring positivity, mindfulness and purpose in others. To many, she is considered Hawaii’s foremost thought leader and authority on creating a meaningful and joyful existence, helping countless individuals and organizations over the past two decades.

The PRSA webinar not only offered insight into adjusting to change but also cultivating it in our behavior. When the human brain tends to react to and actively avoid change in ways similar to the way it recognizes and reacts to pain, Inouye offered a productive mindset to serve as a kind of mental “sea legs” to stay upright during turbulent sea changes in life. She guided participants in an exploration of the four stages of change and why uncertainty is so hard, how to be successful in creating the change you want, proven strategies to remain calm when change is out of your control, and the mindset and habits necessary for adaptability and resilience.

Change in life is as certain as changes in weather—the only constant, as the saying goes—and the global pandemic was to many well-laid life plans, as a lightning storm is to a day in the park. But this reality can also inspire behavioral change and even breakthroughs.

“When you are finished changing, you are finished,” was Benjamin Franklin’s renowned take on it. And he played with kites in lightning storms.