Hokupa‘a Award

The Hokupa‘a Award, named after the North Star, is symbolic of a guiding force that always provides leadership to peers in the profession. This award recognizes a relative newcomer to public relations for demonstrating exceptional leadership potential and achievement in his/her initial years in the profession.

The nominee must have two to five years experience in public relations, excluding internships or part-time employment while working on a degree; and demonstrate professionalism, community service, public relations accomplishments and leadership skills.

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Past Awardees

2023 – Pono Suganuma
2022 – Maribell Pabalan
2021 – Maria Hartfield
2019 – Sarah Pacheco
2018 – Taryn Bohan
2017 – Michelle Hee
2016 – Hilary Bingman
2015 – Andrea “Anj” Lum
2014 – Kira Chong Tim
2013 – David Pettinger
2012 – Lisette Gonzalez
2011 – Huy Vo
2009 – Michael Ni
2008 – Moani Wright-Van Alst
2007 – Rebecca Pang
2006 – Melissa Malahoff-Kamei
2005 – Song Choi
2004 – Tina McNealey
2003 – Kristen Bonilla
2002 – Amy Hennessey
2001 – Michelle Busbee

In 2017, we were proud to honor Michelle Hee of Anthology Marketing Group.

Method of Nomination

Any individual may nominate a candidate for the award, but nominees MUST be PRSA Hawai‘i members. There are no entry fees for the nominations. The award is presented as a part of the annual Koa Anvil Awards ceremony.


To nominate a candidate for the Hokupa’a Young Public Relations Professional of the Year Award, please download the nomination form.