40th Annual
KOA Anvil Awards

Public relations and communications PRofessionals from across the state gathered at the 40th Annual Koa Anvils Awards ceremony held at the Halekulani on Thursday, July 27, 2023. PRSA Hawaii received more than 75 entries for this year’s awards and of those 54 were recognized with awards. Read all about it here.

KOA Anvil Awards

Established in 1983, the Koa Anvil Awards captures and celebrates the four rings of excellence for which the Koa Anvil competition is judged: research, planning, execution, and evaluation. It is a competition to develop better plans, use creativity to produce better results, increase professional skills to produce the best public relations programs and tools that keep the professional motivated and moving forward.

Awards & Honorees

There are two main categories:

We also recognize distinguished individuals who have demonstrated their leadership in the public relations field: