Our History

Founded in 1947, PRSA Hawaii is one of six founding chapters of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). The chapter’s mission is to build value, understanding, and the demand for public relations professionals in Hawaii.

PRSA Hawaii Chapter is committed to advancing the standards of the public relations profession and supporting students and young practitioners who are developing skills in the field. Professional development seminars, informational forums, skills workshops, and monthly luncheon programs are offered to over 300 public relations professionals and students across the state.


PRSA Hawaii is a vibrant organization comprised of an active nucleus on Oahu, a progressive affinity group on Maui, and about 100 members across the state. The organization also mentors a Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) chapter at the University of Hawaii.

The Hawaii chapter is one of 117 chapters grouped into 10 geographical districts. PRSA Hawaii is part of the Western District, which includes chapters from Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii and Nevada. Visit the PRSA Western District website for more information.

Past Chapter Presidents

1950   Clarence L. Hodge
1951   A. Nelson Prather
1952   William A. Simonds
1953   Roy J. Leffingwell, APR
1954   William A. Norwood
1955   Joyce O. Roberts
1956   Joyce O. Roberts
1957   Jack M. Fox
1958   A. Nelson Prather
1959   Vince Ridge
1960   Kleber R. Miller
1961   Thomas Nickerson
1962   Ben Hyams, Jr.
1963   Robert A. Mitchell
1964   Seabron B. Calhoun
1965   Robert G. Alderman
1966   Bobbye L. Hughes
1967   Van H. Beazlie, APR
1968   Jeri L. Bostwick, APR
1969   David W. Eyre
1970   Frederick Y. Smith
1971   John Cavanaugh, APR
1972   William H. “Doc” Stryker, APR
1973   Harold W. Sundstrom, APR
1974   John Spaulding, APR
1975   Noelle S. Baker, APR&
1976   Roger H. Coryell
1977   Edward H. Anderson
1978   Vincent G. “Jerry” Panzo, APR
1979   Robert T. Guard
1980   Robert O. Costa, APR
1981   Sharon R. Weiner, APR
1982   Philip H. Kinnicut
1983   Mark E. Zeug, APR
1984   Robert H. Ozaki
1985   Paula R. Rath
1986   James M. Boersema, APR

1987   Alfred B. Rodriques
1988   Richard N. Zwern, APR
1989   Craig Miyamoto, APR, Fellow PRSA
1990   Brian A. Blevins, APR
1991   Maya Leland, APR
1992   Ralph T. Kam, APR, Fellow PRSA
1993   Barbara Bianchi, APR
1994   Scott Shirai, APR, Fellow PRSA
1995   Louis Torraca, APR
1996   B.J. Whitman, APR, Fellow PRSA
1997   Stafford Kiguchi, APR
1998   Shawn Nakamoto, APR
1999   Eve Holt
2000   Nathan Hokama, APR
2001   Melissa H.J. Chang, APR
2002   Howard E. Daniel, APR
2003   Donda D. Spiker, APR
2004   Duke Gonzales, APR
2005   Amy Hennessey, APR
2006   Nancy Daniels, APR
2007   Sara Platte, APR
2008   Janet Crawford, APR
2009   Kristen Bonilla, APR
2010   Nathan Kam
2011   Moani Wright-Van Alst
2012   Melissa Malahoff-Kamei
2013   Rebecca Pang
2014   Huy Vo
2015   Erica Yamauchi
2016   David Pettinger, APR
2017   Jennifer Armstrong, APR
2018   Jocelyn Collado, APR
2019   Keith DeMello
2020   Mondy Jamshidi Kent
2021   William Nhieu
2022   Samantha Tsui
2023   Liane Hu Okumura, APR

KOA Anvil Awards