Upcoming Webinars: January and February

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Making It Easy for Journalists to Pick Up Your Story

January 17, 10–11 a.m. HST

Newsrooms have changed dramatically, and traditional news release distribution methods no longer meet the needs of journalists. As new technologies and staff cuts change the way newsrooms operate, journalists are busier than ever. Bloggers also add new challenges and opportunities. Take advantage of this trend by making it easier for the media to pick up your story. Digital news releases are designed to get all the information a journalist or blogger needs — contact links, images, video, backgrounders, bios, social media elements and more — directly into the inbox of your targeted list of journalists.

Barcelona Principle #1: Set Measurable Goals

January 22, 10–11 a.m. HST

The Barcelona Principles are the first-ever PR measurement standards adopted by hundreds of associations, companies and individuals. They range from how to set goals that are measureable to how to demonstrate the ROI of what you do. This webinar explains the first principle and includes how to:

• Identify “good” and “bad” objective statements.

• Link objectives and results with the overall goals of the business.

• Avoid some of the pitfalls, such as using the term “creating buzz” as a key performance indicator.

Write for Readability

January 24, 10–11 a.m. HST

More than 60 years of research shows that making your copy easier to read improves:

• Readership. More people read the piece.

• Perseverance. People read more of it.

• Comprehension. They understand it better.

• Speed. They read faster.

• Retention. They remember it longer.

Transform Your Pitch From Snooze to News

February 7, 10–11 a.m. HST

Journalists are fewer and farther between, and they are more harried and overworked than ever. Also, bloggers are developing a reputation for impatience with — even an aversion to — public relations pitches. This webinar will teach you eight proven ways to transform your routine story into the type of content that grabs their attention in the first sentence.