Member Spotlight

Janet A. Crawford, APR

With over 20 years of experience in public relations, Janet Crawford is fortunate to have developed her career in all three sectors: government, nonprofit, and corporate. She has worked in Florida, the U.S. Virgin Islands, California, and Hawaii.

Now residing permanently in Honolulu, Janet is a communications consultant at Hawaiian Electric Company. Previously she was the public information officer at the Oceanic Institute and years earlier was a public information specialist at the Hawaii State Department of Health.

Her career has been exciting, whether breaking ground in HIV/AIDS public education, marketing Internet-optimized operating systems, publicizing advances in aquaculture research, or promoting energy conservation and renewable energy.

Also exciting to Janet is traveling. She was raised in South America, toured Europe, traveled throughout the Windward Caribbean Islands, and sailed a 48-foot ketch from Santa Cruz to St. Thomas.

As an undergraduate Janet studied Romance Languages and subsequently earned a Master of Arts Degree in Spanish at the University of South Florida. Later she earned certificates in professional and technical writing and marketing communications at San Jose State University.

Janet is accredited in public relations and currently is serving her fourth term on the board of PRSA Hawaii Chapter.